China is a big country of agri-products consumption, and also a big country of agri-products international trade.

In the face of the new situation and new trend of international trade and domestic market, the Ministry of Agriculture and the relevant ministries have repeatedly stressed the importance of strengthening the construction of circulation system in recent years.

After years of unremitting efforts, China’s Agricultural Products Circulation System has achieved fruitful results.

Remarkable development in recent years:

  • Continuous improvement of sales network system
  • Rapid development of logistics service system
  • Deep involvement of Internet Technology

At the same time, the existing trading system also has some problems which are difficult to be solved by the market participants individually, such as:

  • Relatively limited ability to access, integrate and utilize the key resources from related industries in both domestic and overseas.
  • Relatively limited scope of services area and variety of trade.

When trying to the explore the Chinese market, overseas enterprises usually facing a variety of difficulties which is hard to overcome by an individual company, especially the SEMs :

  • Market information asymmetry.
  • Highly cost of market development.
  • Difficult to find qualified dealers.
  • Results of participating in exhibitions and fairs may not be realized at the expecting time.
  • Highly cost of establish branches.

Seize the opportunities created by the “Belt and Road Initiative ” proposed  by the Chinese government, under the framework of “Global Agricultural Industry Association Strategic Alliance ”, we propose:

to construct an efficiently converged and allocation ability for the key resources,  using the idea of Centralization, establish a one-stop full chain service system for cross-border agri-products trade based on supply chain thinking, promote trade facilitation, enhance the parties’ trading capacity, the ability to benefit and ability of anti risk.




( named tentatively ),

to integrated information flow, capital flow, and logistics resources,

focus on building international agri-products trading resources docking and trade facilitation services platform,

Provide full-chain services of

Product and Brand Promotion, Product Introduction, Distribution Channel Connecting, Centralized Purchasing and Distributing, Financial Services based on the supply chain, Inspection and Quarantine, logistics, Warehousing and Distribution, and etc.

Three Core Objectives:

  • To establish and perfect the whole chain service network for cross border agri- products procurement and distribution .
  • With the help of advantages accumulated in logistics, Internet and financial service system in China, introduce the idea of “Internet+” and “Finance+” , provide more powerful impetus to the growth of cross-border circulation of agri-products.
  • Bring more import high-quality agri-products to Chinese market, Driving China‘s food safety and quality system to further integrate with the international practice, accumulate more useful experience for China’s high-quality agri-products exports .
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