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PDF Virsion Letter of Thanks& News of 2017 International Symposium on Brand Agricultural


Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for attending the 2017 Brand Agriculture Development International Symposium and “B&R: New Agenda for Agricultural Cooperation” Anniversary of the World Union of Agricultural Associations. Your participation and support help WUAA to construct the open, inclusive of agricultural industry associations on global scale which dedicates to the promotion of exchange and cooperation among member associations, and build a platform of connectivity in the areas of information, technology, service and trade of agro-products.

Various international organizations, governments, and speakers of industry associations has discussed issues about brand agriculture international cooperation and cross-border trade facilitation. Meanwhile, WUAA has implemented international trade platform— International Trade Center, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with industry organizations in Poland and Spain in response for carrying out the import of Poland and Spanish agro-products. Besides, a batch of domestic and foreign high quality agro-products held product brand promotion, and signed a series of strategic cooperation agreements on import and export trade, and technology export.

We sincerely hope that you can continuous support and attend the annual meeting of WUAA next year, and also hope you become a member of WUAA in order to promote agricultural brands of the member countries at the world market, elevate the influence and status of high quality brand agro-products; coordinate the communication and promotion of the advanced agro-technology, experience and development mode, elevate agro-product circulation efficiency and level of food quality safety, promote the establishment of a smooth agro-products passageway of imports and exports, and deepen communication and collaboration in global multilateral trade.

Thank you again for your participation and sharing!

China Good Agri-products Development and Service Association


Secretariat of WUAA


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